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Dane County Humane Society Essential Job Requirement Inventory

Dane County Humane Society is committed to our mission of “Helping People Help Animals” and welcomes volunteers of all ability levels. Our volunteer team includes individuals living with a wide variety of disabilities. Some of these volunteers bring a job coach or assistant along to help them complete their volunteer tasks safely and effectively. 

At the same time, we strive to maintain as safe an environment as possible for our volunteers, staff, and the animals in our care. Therefore, it is extremely important that we are made aware of any physical, cognitive and/or emotional challenges that could affect your ability to be a successful volunteer. For your safety and that of the animals, it is critical that you are matched with a position that is appropriate given any limitations you may have. 

Individuals for whom an animal care volunteer role is not appropriate are usually able to volunteer in other ways. We have an endless need for people to help us with our administrative, customer service, housekeeping, creative, maintenance, fundraising and event work. All of these efforts are crucial to the well-being of our animals and help us work toward our ultimate goal of eliminating the issue of homeless animals. 

To help us determine the most appropriate volunteer position for you, and to identify any accommodations that we may be able to make to help you be successful in your role, we require that all volunteer applicants complete the Essential Job Requirement Inventory. 

If multiple family members volunteer, each needs to fill out a separate form.

If applicant is 17 or younger, a parent or guardian needs to fill out this form.