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2020-21 Family Engagement CoP - April 23

Participant Information

Thank you for participating in the inaugural 2020-21 Family Engagement Community of Practice (FE CoP)!
By completing this survey, you will be helping us achieve some of the goals of our community of practice. For example:
  • Learning from each other.
  • Networking and sharing experiences.
  • Sharing ideas, strategies, resources, etc.
Your feedback will also help us plan, improve and support future meetings/sessions. The surveys are also designed to help us articulate and describe our family engagement work (i.e., to put our thoughts and actions into writing).
We will compile and share responses (responses will always be anonymous).
5. Name (for membership list if you give permission in question #7)
This question requires a valid email address.
7. May we include your contact information (e.g. name and email address) on the FE CoP membership list that will be shared with those participating in the FE CoP?