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2021 Compensation Survey for Christian Organizations


Christian Leadership Alliance (CLA) and EA Compensation Resources LLC, an EisnerAmper Group Company ("Compensation Resources"), are pleased to invite you to participate in the 2021 Compensation Survey for Christian Organizations.  The survey is designed to capture compensation and related data for a variety of leadership and staff positions within Christian organizations.  Please click "Next" below to continue for online completion.  If you prefer to submit your responses in hard copy form,  click here to download the questionnaire.  The deadline to complete the survey has been extended to July 6, 2021.

This survey is organized into six (6) sections:

         I.   Survey Guidelines
        II.   Organization Information
       III.   Leadership Compensation
       IV.   Staff Compensation
        V.   Compensation and Benefits Practices
       VI.   Job Descriptions (Click here to download the job descriptions)

This survey asks for a good deal of information.  Please complete as much of the questionnaire as you are able.  After you are finished, please review your data for accuracy.  We recommend you undertake the following steps to complete the survey:

      A.  Review survey guidelines for participation
      B.  Input your organizational data
      C.  Refer to job descriptions for appropriate job matching
      D.  Review your data entries for accuracy
      E.  Contact Compensation Resources with any questions
      F.  Submit your completed questionnaire 

If you have any questions related to this survey, please contact:

            Sean Gimpel
            Office Senior Manager
            Compensation Resources

Thank you for the care you take in submitting your data.  The quality of the survey will reflect this care.