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May 2021 Advocacy Day

Preventive medicine physicians work at the intersection of clinical medicine and public health. That means they also sit at the crossroads of a wide range of public policy issues: health financing, public health funding, climate change, tobacco cessation, vaccination policy and so much more. At our May 2021 Advocacy Day, you will have the opportunity to build important and lasting relationships with your congressional representatives to share science-based policy perspectives informed by your real-world health care experience.  

Our Advocacy Day will be in the morning on Wednesday, May 19, continuing on to May 20 and 21st, depending on the availability of all participants. Meetings will be conducted virtually over the phone and via video conference. If you participated in the earlier March advocacy day, we may not be able to schedule additional meetings with your congressional office.
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9. Did you participate in the March 2021 Advocacy Day?
Please select all times you are available to meet with members of Congress and staff. If you select a time period, please commit to holding this time available for meetings, or let ACPM staff know at least 48 hours in advance if you will not be available for this time selected any longer. 
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