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General 2021 Lobby Day Survey

1. Overall, how would you rate your experience at Lobby Day?
2. Did you attend one of the Zoom education sessions before Lobby Day?
3. Did you enjoy the online virtual awards ceremony?
4. Was the workshop information helpful? (Leave blank if you did not attend a workshop session.)
5. Was the Lunch & Learn event interesting? (Leave blank if you did not attend a Lunch & Learn.)
6. Did you find the Lobby Day registration process easy and accessible?
7. Was the online website platform and links easy to navigate? 
8. Will you join Lobby Day in 2023? 
9. Will you benefit from the Lobby Day events that were offered? 
10. Was the tech support helpful on Lobby Day? (Leave blank if you did not use tech support.)
11. Were you satisfied with the ASL interpreters, CDI/DI interpreters, deafblind interpreters, and/or CART services? (Leave blank if you did not use their services.)
12. Did you use the ASL interpreter(s)?
13. Did you use the CDI/DI(s)?
14. Did you use CART?
15. Did you use the DeafBlind interpreter(s)?
16. Do you prefer Lobby Day to be in-person or virtual (online)?