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MassBay Multicultural Mentoring Program (MMP) Spring 2022 Mentor Participation Form

Multicultural Mentoring Program (MMP)

Mentor Participation Form
MassBay Community College's Multicultural Mentoring Program (MMP) is designed to promote the pursuit of academic success, retention, and graduation of all students, with an emphasis on students from multicultural backgrounds (Asian, African-American, Hispanic, Hispanic/Latinos, Afro-Caribbean, Middle-Eastern, etc.).

The purpose of the MMP is to aid in the academic, emotional, and sociocultural adjustment of mentees to college life at MassBay Community College. The program also aims to prepare mentees/ students for life and work.  We emphasize identity, inter nationality and relationship building to promote intercultural understanding. Our cultural competence educational initiatives empower students for global leadership and equip them with leadership skills.
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12. How long have you been or were employed in your field?
17. Are you the first in your family to graduate with a college degree?
18. Have you ever attended community college?
20. Have you ever transferred from one academic institution to another?
21. Are you: 
22. In which activities would you like to participate with your mentee? (Please check all that apply).
23. Where are you located?
24. If you are located in Massachusetts, what are your preferred meeting locations? Please check all that apply
25. If you are located out of state, you will be participating in our program remotely.  What is your preferred methods(s) of mentoring remotely?  Please check all that apply. 
26. How many hours per month are you willing to commit to your mentee?
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29. What is your general availability for meeting your mentee? (select all that apply)
30. Do you have a preference for mentoring a student of a particular age? (check all ages of students that you will consider mentoring) 
31. Do you have an interest in being paired with a mentee who shares your ethnic background?  (Please note that we can not guarantee preference matches.)