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Pandemic Peddlemania Shirts and Bandanas

Thank you so much for supporting our charities!
This page is where you will order t-shirts and bandanas for each person or pet you registered.
This question requires a valid email address.
How many riders of each type did you register? *This question is required.
Space Cell AdultsChildrenPets
Number of each
Each registered person can receive a t-shirt or bandana. Each pet will receive a bandana.
Please enter the number of each size t-shirt and/or the number of bandanas.
(Please make sure the total number of shirts/bandanas matches the number of registrations you purchased)
Adult T-shirts
Children's T-shirts
We have a limited number of vintage, collectible Rolling Hills Challenge t-shirts which are ready to mail, now. If you select the new 2021 t-shirts, those should be in the mail to you the first week in May.
1. Which t-shirt option would you prefer?