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2021 STEM Excellence Awards - Tasmanian STEM Communicator of the Year

Tasmanian Government’s STEM Excellence Awards

Since 2016 the government has recognised Tasmanians who have excelled in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) to inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers.
The award
The Tasmanian STEM Communicator of the Year Award (the Award) recognises the achievements of the state's leading science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) communicators and highlights the importance of STEM in growing Tasmania’s community and economy.

Supported by the Tasmanian Government, Inspiring Australia, and University of Tasmania, the Award will recognise an individual’s achievement and impact in the field of STEM communication for the 2020-21 financial year.

The Award provides the finalists with an excellent opportunity to build networks and relationships, and to raise their profile. The Award, consisting of a $5 000 cheque and trophy, will be presented at the Tasmanian STEM Excellence Awards reception on 18 November 2021.  

Benefits to the winner and applicants
The benefits from participating in the Tasmanian STEM Excellence Awards are numerous.
The Awards provide:
  • recognition and exposure for participating companies and individuals
  • opportunities for networking and forming business and research alliances amongst participants, including other industry representatives, academics and teachers
  • a platform for participants to benchmark their products and services
  • a ‘showcase of success stories’ for Tasmanian firms and individuals that are developing innovative STEM research outcomes
  • media exposure for products, participating firms and individuals.
Applications are invited from individuals employed and/or undertaking STEM communication activities in Tasmania. Individuals from organisations funded by the Tasmanian Government are eligible whereas those from state government departments are not. Previous winners of this category are not eligible to apply, but previous applicants are invited to re-apply.

The judging panel members will be selected on the basis of their knowledge and expertise in the STEM communication field.

Selection criteria
The Award will be presented to an individual who has shown excellence in STEM communication over the 2020-21 financial year. STEM communication can be broadly interpreted to include all activities that facilitate the effective presentation of STEM content to non-expert audiences.

Effective STEM communication can be demonstrated by the achievement of outcomes such as:
  • critically engaging audiences with key scientific issues
  • inspiring interest in STEM disciplines and endeavours
  • encouraging people to pursue STEM studies and careers.

Relevant STEM communication pursuits may include but are not limited to:
  • STEM promotion and outreach activities
  • journalism and broadcasting including online and social media
  • script, book and blog writing
  • interpretation of STEM within cultural institutions
  • STEM shows, presentations and events
  • citizen science project development.
Other conditions
As a successful recipient of the Award, you may be requested to serve on the judging panel for that award category in the year following your attainment of the award. You may also be asked by the Tasmanian Government, Inspiring Australia, and University of Tasmania to take part in a limited number of STEM engagement events, such as Science Meets Parliament, Innovation Forums, and student outreach programs if available.

Submitting an application
Applications for the 2021 STEM Excellence Awards are to be completed online.

Please note file uploads are limited at 3 files of 50 MB each. For larger files please provide a link accessible via a website, or contact Jenni Klaus via details below to discuss.


Jenni Klaus – Manager, Inspiring Australia
Phone: (03) 6226 2373