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SEC Climate Disclosure Sign-On Statement

The investor, business, and stakeholder communities face a historic opportunity to shape the responses of U.S. financial markets to climate change. We have the opportunity to support SEC commissioners and staff who are working to improve climate change disclosure, by providing a collective statement about essential principles the SEC should incorporate into a climate change disclosure rulemaking. This is in response to the SEC’s March 15, 2021 climate change request for information.

You can download a PDF of the statement here.

Statement of Essential Principles for SEC Climate Change Disclosure Rulemaking

We are investors with over $2.7 trillion in assets under management and advisement (as of June 9), corporations, non-profit organizations, and individuals who support climate change disclosure rulemaking by the Securities and Exchange Commission. We believe that disclosure of the material and systemic risks of climate change will help companies and investors to understand, price, and manage climate risks and opportunities. These activities are at the core of efficient securities markets and are essential to ensuring a just and thriving economy that works for all people and communities. 

Climate change poses a systemic risk to the economy. The impacts of the climate crisis on our lives and our livelihoods are worsening at a dramatic rate. These include physical risks to real assets from climate-fueled weather events and transition risks posed by regulatory, technology, economic, and litigation changes during the shift to a net-zero economy. The risks can combine in unexpected ways, with serious, disruptive impacts on asset valuations, global financial markets, and global economic stability.

Furthermore, climate change poses a variety of material risks to companies of all sizes in all industries across our nation. The costs to companies of inaction may be dire in the medium and long term, and many of those impacts, such as those from floods, fires, droughts, and hurricanes, are already being incurred in the short term. While there will be a cost for compliance with SEC climate disclosure rules, it is far less costly to companies and their investors than ignoring the risk.

Climate risk disclosure would bring significant benefits to investors and companies. They need access to consistent, comparable, and reliable information at scale to fully assess their risk exposure and to navigate the path to a net-zero future. The current state of climate change disclosure does not meet our needs. Companies and investors need comprehensive, decision-useful data from all enterprises facing material climate change risks. 

We also call on the SEC to take into consideration the broader impacts of climate change as a part of the rulemaking process, including the physical and transition impacts of the climate crisis on communities, human rights implications, and the connection between climate, water, food, and forests.

We appreciate the SEC's Request for Information on climate change as it allows for comprehensive input about the issues the SEC must resolve to meet the needs of all market participants. We believe that climate change disclosure rules from the SEC should, at minimum,  include the following elements:

  • Based on the TCFD: The SEC’s work should be based on the recommendations of the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) which has been endorsed by hundreds of companies and investors globally. 

  • Industry-specific metrics: SEC rulemaking should include industry-specific metrics because material climate risks manifest in different ways by industry. These metrics should build on existing standards in common use by investors and companies. Identifying such industry-specific metrics would also allow for comparable disclosures.

  • Governance and strategy disclosure: Disclosure rules should provide insights into companies’ climate risk exposure, strategies, and scenario planning. 

  • Emissions disclosure: Disclosure rules should include Scope 1, 2, and 3 greenhouse gas emissions, which are needed to assess the full range of climate change risks facing companies. 

  • Inclusion in financial filings: Material climate disclosures, including discussion on risk exposure and business opportunities, impacts on strategy, and emissions reporting and management, should be included in annual, quarterly, and other appropriate SEC filings. 

  • Regular updates: Climate change impacts, scientific consensus around climate impacts and capital market responses to climate risks are rapidly evolving. SEC rules should be updated regularly in response to these developments, and they should include the development or adoption of new metrics. 

The undersigned organizations and individuals support SEC climate disclosure rulemaking in alignment with these principles, to ensure consistent, comparable, and decision-useful information. We sincerely appreciate the Commission’s consideration of our views, and we look forward to working with you. We urge the SEC to act urgently in response to the growing threats of the climate crisis to markets and the economy.


North American Investors

  1. California State Teachers Retirement System (CalSTRS)
  2. New York State Common Retirement Fund
  3. Oregon State Treasury
  4. Minnesota State Board of Investment
  5. Connecticut Office of the State Treasurer
  6. Illinois State Treasurer Michael Frerichs
  7. Canada Post Corporation Pension Plan
  8. Adrian Dominican Sisters, Portfolio Advisory Board
  9. Aquinas Associates
  10. Ariel Investments
  11. As You Sow
  12. Asterra Partners
  13. AUM Consulting, LLC
  14. Avaron Asset Management
  15. Avera Health
  16. Boston Common Asset Management
  17. Boston Trust Walden
  18. Capricorn Investment Group
  19. Centered Wealth
  20. Change Finance
  21. Chicory Wealth
  22. Christian Brothers Investment Services, Inc.
  23. Clean Energy Ventures (CVA)
  24. ClearBridge Investments
  25. Dana Investment Advisors
  26. Domini Impact Investments
  27. Dominican Sisters ~ Grand Rapids
  28. DSC Meridian Capital LP
  29. East Bay Municipal Utility District Employees' Retirement System
  30. Ecofi
  31. Ecofin
  32. EcoLogical Solutions /// Saunders Hotel Group
  33. Employees' Retirement System of the State of Hawaii
  34. Epoch Investment Partners
  35. Everence and the Praxis Mutual Funds
  36. First Affirmative Financial Network
  37. Friends Fiduciary Corporation
  38. Green America Endowment
  39. Green Century Funds
  40. Ground Effect
  41. Hannon Armstrong
  42. Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility (ICCR)
  43. Inherent Group
  44. Investor Advocates for Social Justice
  45. JBQ Trust
  46. JSA Sustainable Wealth Management
  47. Lombard Odier Investment Managers ("LOIM")
  48. Macroclimate LLC
  49. Mennonite Education Agency
  50. Mercy Investment Services, Inc.
  51. Metrus Energy
  52. Miller/Howard Investments, Inc.
  53. NEI Investments
  54. Nephila Capital Ltd
  55. Neumeier Poma Investment Counsel, LLC
  56. New Forests
  57. Nugent Properties
  58. Pacific Community Ventures
  59. Progressive Investment Management
  60. Province of Saint Joseph of the Capuchin Order
  61. Refugee Investment Network
  62. Region VI Coalition for Responsible Investment
  63. Reynders, McVeigh Capital Management LLC
  64. Rockefeller Asset Management
  65. School Sisters of Notre Dame Cooperative Investment Fund
  66. Seattle City Employees' Retirement System
  67. Sema4, Inc.
  68. Seventh Generation Interfaith Inc
  69. SHARE
  70. Sisters of Bon Secours USA
  71. Sisters of St. Dominic of Caldwell, NJ
  72. Sisters of the Humility of Mary
  73. Sisters of the Presentation of the BVM of Aberdeen SD
  74. Stance Capital, LLC
  75. Sunwealth
  76. Sustainable Insight Capital Management
  77. Terra Alpha Investments LLC
  78. The Episcopal Church (DFMS)
  79. The Sustainability Group of Loring, Wolcott & Coolidge
  80. The Facilities Group
  81. Tiemann Investment Advisors, LLC
  82. Toniic Institute
  83. Tortoise Capital Advisors, LLC
  84. Trillium Asset Management
  85. Vanderbilt /dba Greenvest
  86. Vermont Pension Investment Committee
  87. Vert Asset Management    
  88. Vine Associates    
  89. Volery Capital Partners
  90. Wespath Benefits and Investments
  1. Bullitt Foundation
  2. Climate Emergency Fund
  3. ClimateWorks Foundation
  4. David and Lucile Packard Foundation
  5. Green2Gold A
  6. Harfield Foundation
  7. Heising-Simons Foundation
  8. Manaaki Foundation
  9. Sant Foundation
  10. Skoll Foundation
  11. Summit Foundation
  12. The Educational Foundation of America
  13. Tidwell Idaho Foundation, Inc.
  14. Wallace Global Fund
  15. William and Flora Hewlett Foundation
Global Investors
  1. DWS Group
  2. Ethos Foundation, Switzerland
  3. Lombard Odier Investment Managers ("LOIM")
  4. Aargauische Pensionskasse (APK)
  5. ATISA Personalvorsorgestiftung der Tschümperlin-Unternehmungen
  6. Bâtirente
  7. Bernische Lehrerversicherungskasse
  8. Bernische Pensionskasse BPK
  9. Caisse Cantonale d'Assurance Populaire - CCAP
  10. Caisse de pension du Comité international de la Croix-Rouge
  11. Caisse de pension Hewlett-Packard Plus
  12. Caisse de pensions de l'Etat de Vaud (CPEV)
  13. Caisse de pensions du CERN
  14. Caisse de pensions du personnel communal de Lausanne (CPCL)
  15. Caisse de pensions ECA-RP
  16. Caisse de prév. des Fonctionnaires de Police & des Etablissements Pénitentiaires
  17. Caisse de Prévoyance de l'Etat de Genève CPEG
  18. Caisse de Prévoyance des Interprètes de Conférence (CPIC)
  19. Caisse de prévoyance du personnel communal de la ville de Fribourg
  20. Caisse de prévoyance du personnel de l'Etat de Fribourg (CPPEF)
  21. Caisse de prévoyance du personnel de l'Etat du Valais (CPVAL)
  22. Caisse intercommunale de pensions (CIP)
  23. Caisse paritaire de prévoyance de l'industrie et de la construction (CPPIC)
  24. CAP Prévoyance
  25. Church of Sweden
  26. CIEPP - Caisse Inter-Entreprises de Prévoyance Professionnelle
  27. Etablissement Cantonal d'Assurance (ECA VAUD)
  28. Fondation de la métallurgie vaudoise du bâtiment (FMVB)
  29. Fondation de prévoyance Artes & Comoedia
  30. Fondation de prévoyance du Groupe BNP PARIBAS en Suisse
  31. Fondation de prévoyance professionnelle en faveur de AROMED
  32. Fondation de prévoyance Romande Energie
  33. Fondation Interprofessionnelle Sanitaire de Prévoyance (FISP)
  34. Fondation Leenaards
  35. Fondation Patrimonia
  36. Fonds de Prévoyance de CA Indosuez (Suisse) SA
  37. Fonds interprofessionnel de prévoyance (FIP)
  38. Gavi Alliance
  39. Gebäudeversicherung Luzern
  40. Gebäudeversicherung St. Gallen
  41. Gestion FÉRIQUE
  42. Hexavest
  43. Le Regroupement pour la Responsabilité Sociale des Entreprises (RRSE)
  44. Luzerner Pensionskasse
  45. Nest Sammelstiftung
  46. North East Scotland Pension Fund
  47. Pensionskasse  Römisch-katholische Landeskirche des Kantons Luzern
  48. Pensionskasse AR
  49. Pensionskasse Bank CIC (Schweiz)
  50. Pensionskasse Basel-Stadt
  51. Pensionskasse Bühler AG Uzwil
  52. Pensionskasse Caritas
  53. Pensionskasse der Stadt Frauenfeld
  54. Pensionskasse der Stadt Winterthur
  55. Pensionskasse Pro Infirmis
  56. Pensionskasse Schaffhausen
  57. Pensionskasse SRG SSR
  58. Pensionskasse Stadt Luzern
  59. Pensionskasse Stadt St. Gallen
  60. Pensionskasse Unia
  61. Personalvorsorgekasse der Stadt Bern
  62. Prévoyance Santé Valais (PRESV)
  63. pré
  64. Profelia Fondation de prévoyance
  65. Prosperita Stiftung für die berufliche Vorsorge
  66. Raiffeisen Pensionskasse Genossenschaft
  67. Rentes Genevoises
  68. RP - Fonds institutionnel
  69. Secunda Sammelstiftung
  70. Spida Personalvorsorgestiftung
  71. St. Galler Pensionskasse
  72. Stiftung Abendrot
  73. SVA Zürich
  74. Terre des hommes Schweiz
  75. Unfallversicherungskasse des Basler Staatspersonals
  76. Université de Genève (UNIGE)
  77. Verein Barmherzige Brüder von Maria-Hilf (Schweiz)
  78. Vorsorge SERTO
Companies (A = American Sustainable Business Council member, B = B Corporation)
  1. Danone North America B
  2. Enel North America, Inc.
  3. Patagonia B
  4. Solar Energy Industries Association
  5. 17 Communications A
  6. 3Degrees B
  7. Advanced Communications Company A
  8. AJF Financial Services
  9. Aldik Home A
  10. Allbirds B
  11. Alliance for Sustainability A
  12. Alter Eco B
  13. Amicus Solar Cooperative B
  14. AppHarvest, Inc
  15. Arabesque
  16. Artisan Dental B
  17. Avocado Green Brands A
  18. Baloise Asset Management AG
  19. Banyan Botanicals B
  20. BHP B
  21. BigFoot for Good
  22. Biotic Brands B
  23. Blended Capital Group
  24. Bon Secours Mercy Health
  25. BTN A
  26. c | change B
  27. C. Wolfe Software Engineering A
  28. Camilla O. McRory Attorney at Law
  29. Canyonlights Photography A
  30. CarCar, Inc. A
  31. Case Medical, Inc. A
  32. CauseLabs, PBC B
  33. Charles Wolfe Consulting
  34. Chrysalis Farm A
  35. Citizens Energy Corporation
  36. Civekps Co-Living A
  37. Climate Positive Consulting A, B
  38. Comeback Farm Organic Produce A
  40. Cooperative Coffees B
  41. Deltec Homes B
  42. DLC A
  43. Dr. Bronner's B
  44. EcoAdvisors B
  45. Ecodeo B
  46. EDP - Energias de Portugal
  47. Eighty2degrees
  48. Encore Editorial Services A
  49. Engage Strategies A
  50. Ethical Markets Media A, B
  51. Evergreen Sustainability, LLC A
  52. Evolution Marketing, LLC B
  53. Future Nexus
  54. Garnant Computer Services    
  55. Generate Capital
  56. GMB Rentals, LLC A
  57. Green Retirement, Inc. A
  58. GreenStep Solutions, Inc.
  59. Gryphon Solutions, LLC A
  60. Guayaki Yerba Mate
  61. Guru B
  62. Habitus Incorporated A
  63. HigherRing A
  64. HJKessler Associates, Inc. A
  65. Home Rental
  66. Hua Nani Partners
  67. In the Cause of Peace Productions
  68. Intex Solutions, Inc. A
  69. Jarmusz & Associates A
  70. JB Media Group, LLC B
  71. Kathryn Blume, International A
  72. Keap Co. A, B
  73. Kent Mollohan Designs A
  74. Laboratoires Expanscience USA B
  75. Lamey-Wellehan Shoes
  76. Laurie Allan & Associates
  77. Legacy Vacation Resorts B
  78. Lemonade B
  79. Leonie Lacouette Clocks A
  80. Living Green Enterprises, LLC B
  81. LolitaMoon Productions A
  82. Luke's Lobster B
  83. Mark Hewitt Pottery
  84. Mark J. Guay, PC
  85. Matt Sheridan Dog Walking A
  86. Meaningful Organizational Design, Inc. A
  87. A
  88. Mendelsohn, Gittleman & Associates, LLC
  89. Mightybytes B
  90. MMercer Consulting B
  91. Molo Constituency Forest Association
  92. Montaya Distillers A, B
  93. M&J Cleaning Service A
  94. Namaste Solar B
  95. Namu Baru Inc. A
  96. National Foundry Products A
  97. Natura & Co B
  98. Net Impact A
  99. NLGC, LLC
  100. Numi Tea B
  101. Otherwild A
  102. Pearson, PLC
  103. Pirelli Tire North America A
  104. Planet+Purpose Solutions A
  105. Provoc B
  106. Pure Strategies B
  107. R | K Invest Law, PBC A
  108. r.Cup A
  109. Real Pickles Cooperative A
  110. ReCIRC B
  111. Rescue Agency B
  112. Riverwater Partners B
  113. RONJOE’S A
  114. Rosebud Agency A
  115. Salt Palm Development B
  116. Sanderson Sustainable Design A
  117. SecondMuse B
  118. Sema4, Inc.
  119. SharePower Responsible Investing A
  120. Shift Group A
  121. Shifting Patterns Consulting B
  122. SIMPLI A
  123. Simply Straws B
  124. Soap Alchemy A
  125. Social Impact Consulting & Coaching A
  126. Software Business Advisors A
  127. Solar Energy Industries Association
  128. South Pole B
  129. Spirit Filled Press
  130. Springhead Social Impact
  131. StraightUp Solar B
  132. STOKE A
  133. SULA NYC A
  134. Sunnova Energy International
  135. Sunrise Banks B
  136. Sunsport Gardens, Inc. A
  137. Sustainability Associates, LLC A
  138. Sustainable Design Consulting, LLC A
  139. Sustainable Results Consulting, LLC
  140. SustcoScore, LLC
  141. Symbiotic A
  142. Tall Poppy, LLC
  143. tentree B
  144. Terra Vista A
  145. The E.P. Systems Group, Inc.
  146. The Gatto Agency
  147. The Paula Gordon Show A
  148. The Spencer Group, Ltd.
  149. THG Energy Solutions, LLC
  150. thinkPARALLAX
  151. Tonient
  152. Transcend, The Fearless Company B
  153. Transformative Wealth Management, LLC A
  154. Transition Services, Inc. A
  155. Trip Zero B
  156. Triple Ethos A
  157. Two Octobers B
  158. Unity Technologies
  159. Urban Turbines, LLC A
  160. VR & Associates A
  161. Veritable Vegetable A
  162. Vista Global Coaching & Consulting B
  163. Vital Plan B
  164. Walk Your Talk Production A
  165. Weil Aquatronics, Inc A
  166. WHATiF 88 LLC
  167. Wiltse Kitchen A
  168. Wolf + Associates A
  169. Yulu Public Relations B
Religious Organizations
  1. Congregation of Sisters of St. Agnes
  2. Congregation of St. Joseph
  3. CRI office - Province of Saint Joseph of the Capuchin Order
  4. Daughters of Charity, Province of St. Louise
  5. Jesuit Committee on Investment Responsibility
  6. Sisters of Bon Secours USA
  7. Sisters of the Humility of Mary
  8. Sisters of the Presentation of the BVM of Aberdeen SD
  9. Sisters of St. Dominic of Blauvelt, New York
  10. Sisters of St. Dominic of Caldwell, NJ
  11. Sisters of St. Francis
  12. Sisters of Saint Joseph of Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia, PA
  13. Unitarian Universalist Association
  14. USA East Province of the Society of Jesus
Nonprofit Organizations
  1. Ceres
  2. Alliance to Save Energy
  3. American Sustainable Business Council
  4. B Lab
  5. Business for Social Responsibility
  6. Center for Climate and Energy Solutions
  7. E2 (Environmental Entrepreneurs)
  8. Earth Action, Inc.
  9. Environmental Defense Fund
  10. Environmental Protection Network
  11. Governance Institute
  12. Green America
  13. Innovation Network for Communities
  14. Institute for Market Transformation (IMT)
  15. Natural Resources Defense Council
  16. Publish What You Pay-United States
  17. RMI
  18. Union of Concerned Scientists
  19. World Business Council for Sustainable Development North America
  20. 1worker1vote
  21. 350 New Orleans
  22. 350PDX
  23. Acadia Center
  24. Adrian Dominican Sisters, Portfolio Advisory Board
  25. Association of Geophysicists and Environmentalists of Serbia 
  26. Atlantic Coast Conference Climate Justice Coalition
  27. BlueHub Capital
  28. Boma Global
  29. Bon Secours Mercy Health
  30. Case Medical, Inc.
  31. Catholic Divestment Network
  32. Center for Community Based Enterprise
  33. China Water Risk
  34. Climate Emergency Fund
  35. Citizens Energy Corporation
  36. Climate Justice at Boston College
  37. Connecticut Citizen Action Group
  39. Earth Economics
  40. Environmental League of Massachusetts
  41. Extinction Rebellion Boston
  42. Florida for Good
  43. Fossil Fuel Divest Harvard
  44. Jesuit Committee on Investment Responsibility
  45. Kiss The Ground
  46. Mass Audubon
  47. New Jersey Sustainable Business Council
  48. North Carolina Business Council A
  49. Northeast Clean Energy Council
  50. One Step Closer A
  51. Project on Organizing, Development, Education, and Research (PODER)
  52. Reward Value Foundation
  53. Slow Money NC
  54. Solutions for Climate Change Network
  55. Texas Campaign for the Environment
  56. Tonient
  57. Trinity Human Rights Group A
  58. United Nations Foundation
  59. We Are Neutral
Leaders & Elected Officials 
  1. Betty T. Yee, California State Controller
  2. Elizabeth A. Pearce, Vermont State Treasurer
  3. Honorable Paul G. Kirk, Jr, retired U.S. Senator from Massachusetts 
  4. Jeanne Atkins, Former Secretary of State, Oregon
  5. Alicia Seiger, Stanford University Sustainable Finance Initiative, Managing Director
  6. Erika Uyterhoeven, Massachusetts State Representative
  7. Tim Wirth, retired U.S. Senator from Colorado and Board Member for the UN Foundation and Winslow Foundation
  1. Frank Engert, University of Maine Farmington, Professor
  2. Rebecca Henderson, Harvard University, John and Natty University Professor
  3. Thomas Lyon, University of Michigan, Dow Professor of Sustainable Science, Technology and Commerce
  4. Garrett Stoll, University of Colorado, Researcher
  5. Ryan Johnson, Arizona State University, School of Sustainability, Executive Director of Continuing & Professional Education
  1. Aaron Ucko
  2. Reverend Allan B. Jones
  3. Alan Bernstein, Community Development Venture Capital Alliance, Managing Director A
  4. Alan Peterson, PSR, MD A
  5. Alison Edwards, Stewardship Index for Specialty Crops
  6. Alex Wilson, Ceres, Digital Associate
  7. Alexander Blum, Applied Bioplastics, Chief Impact Officer A
  8. Alexandra Fowler
  9. Alice Collins, Retired Lawyer
  10. Alisa Gravitz, Green America, CEO
  11. Alison Edwards, SISC
  12. Alison Mason, SunJuice Solar, Principal A
  13. Allen White, Tellus Institute, Senior Fellow
  14. Alys Campaigne, Engage Strategies, Principal A
  15. Amara Jones, Youth Emergency Auxiliary Service-Sierra Leone(YEAS-SL)
  16. Amy Sterling-Bratt LICSW
  17. Amy Williams-Derry, Attorney A
  18. Annie Agle, Cotopaxi, Senior Director of Impact and Sustainability
  19. Arel Meister-Aldama, Sprout Health Group
  20. Austin Hinkel
  21. Ben Gordesky, DC Energy Innovations, Inc., Renewable Energy Manager A
  22. Bernardo Alayza Mujica, coasap A
  23. Brian Cady A
  24. Charles Lynd, Ohio Sustainable Business Council, Board Member A
  25. Chet Atkins, Tremont Strategies Group, Partner
  26. Cigdem Capan A
  27. Cindi Darling A
  28. Clark Williams-Derry, Broadview Research
  29. Cliff Owens-Leech, The COL AGENCY, General Agent A
  30. Dan Weintraub, Evergreen Sustainability, LLC, Certified Environmental Sustainability Advisor and Master Recycler
  31. David Buchanan
  32. David Leathers, Retired CEO
  33. David Schreiber, Vanderbilt/dba Greenvest, Investment Advisory & Financial Planner A
  34. David Smernoff, HelioBioSys, Inc. CTO A
  35. Derek Gendvil, Transition Services, Inc, Janitor A
  36. Dita Škalič
  37. Dudley and Candace Campbell
  38. Elias Witman, Business for Social Responsibility, Sustainability and Technology Manager
  39. Ellen Wasfi
  40. Emily Foster
  41. Eva Degel, Doctor
  42. Fielding Norton, Norton-Sommer Revocable Trust, Trustee
  43. Frank Gibney, Advocate for K-12 Sustainability Education
  44. Graham Stevens, Atmospheric Industries LTD, Artist
  45. Harold Watson
  46. Holly Nahar, AJF Financial Services, Shareholder Advocate
  47. Ian Wade, ASI, Director
  48. James McRitchie, CorpGov.Net, Shareholder Advocate/Publisher
  49. Janet Neihart
  50. Jessica Herandez, Texas Vista Medical Center, CNA/MHT A
  51. Jim Frazin, Communitas Financial Planning, Financial Planner
  52. Jim Loveland A
  53. Joan Beckta
  54. Joe Burgess, Southern Energy Management, Building Energy Services Tech
  55. Joe Day
  56. John McGarry, Citizens Climate Lobby and MI League of Conservation Voters A
  57. Jon Spar, Medical Doctor
  58. Joshua Sneiderman, Everyday Superheroes
  59. Katelyn Lyster, Grounded, Chief of Staff
  60. Kathleen Doyle, Investor
  61. Ken DeBacker, STM3AII A
  62. Kenneth Robertson
  63. Kristel Dorion, Energetix, LLC, Manager
  64. Larry Ruttman, American author
  65. Lana Sherrad
  66. Laura Draucker, The Nature Conservancy, Senior Manager
  67. Laura Matz
  68. Lauren Bender A
  69. Lawrence Garwin A
  70. Lawrence Melander
  71. Lesley Chillcott, Grommit, Inc, President
  72. Lily Niska A
  73. Linda Beitz, Solutions Through Dialogue, LLC, Leadership Development Coach & Facilitator A
  74. Linda Pleiman, Sisters of the Precious Blood, Treasurer
  75. Lionel Krupka
  76. Marie Mainil, Entrepreneur A
  77. Maureen O’Neal
  78. Michael Friedman, Center for Community Based Enterprise, Operations & Project Oversight A
  79. Michael LaBuda, Dolphin Blue, COO A
  80. Mindy Maxwell A
  81. Montie VanNostrand
  82. Nancy Donohue
  83. Nora Nash, Sisters of St. Francis of Philadelphia, Director Corporate Social Responsibility A
  84. Norman Slawsky, Investor
  85. Paul Fisk A
  86. Paul Kirshen
  87. Peter Meyer
  88. Peter Warui, Molo Constituency Forest Association, Founder
  89. Petya Miteva, ISS, Sustainability Advisory A
  90. Rebecca Trobe, Psy.D., Impact Coaching & Consulting, Inc, Executive Coach & Family Wealth Advisor A
  91. Rebekah Helzel, HK LP, Partner A
  92. Richard Morrison
  93. Rima Mehta, Business for Social Responsibility, Associate
  94. Robert Melzer, CEO Property Capital Trust, Former CEO
  95. Russell Weisz
  96. Sanjukta Som, International Bank for Reconstruction and Development, Risk Officer
  97. Sara Cardona, Cardinal Health, Advisor
  98. Steven Adams, Chrysalis Farm A
  99. Sumeet Batra
  100. Susan Peirce A
  101. Thomas Dixon, Pastor
  102. Tim Green, The Nature Conservancy
  103. Timothy Sharpe, TS Philanthropy, LLC, Principal
  104. William Schmidt, Winthrop Board of Health chair
  105. William Wallin, Wallin Mental Medical, MD A
The sign-on process for the statement remains open to interested investors, companies, non-profit organizations, and individuals because the SEC rulemaking process has just begun. Feel free to contact Randi Mail, Director of Campaigns at the Ceres Accelerator for Sustainable Capital Markets ( with any questions or for more information.
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