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Deradicalization and Social Media

Informed Consent

Consent for Participation in Research

Title: MINDS User Survey

Dr. Justin E. Lane, Center for Modeling Social Systems, ALAN Analytics s.r.o
Dr. F. LeRon Shults, University of Agder, ALAN Analytics s.r.o

Background Information and Purpose of this Study: You are invited to be a participant in a survey about your social media habits and beliefs. You may only take part in this study if you are at least 18 years old.

Procedures: If you agree to participate in this study, you will be asked to answer some questions of a personal nature, including questions about your social media use, beliefs, and views on social media censorship. 

Time: Typically, this survey should take less than 10 minutes to complete.

Risks and Benefits: There are no significant risks or costs involved in this study. Your participation helps the research community to better understand MINDS.

Confidentiality: The records of this study will be kept strictly confidential. All data will be analyzed anonymously, and no results will indicate personal information, or link any answers to your person. All data will be stored on password-protected encrypted servers accessible only to the researchers associated with this study until the data is anonymized, at which point the data will be made open source through Our data collection and analysis methods are fully compliant with data protection regulations and if, upon completing this study, you wish to withdraw your data from the study, you can email us at any time and your data will be deleted from the study within 30 days. We grant all participants European GDPR rights, including those participants who reside in countries that are not under the EU data protection jurisdictions.

Voluntary Nature of the Study: This study is completely voluntary. Declining to participate will have no negative consequences. If you choose to take part in this study, you are free to quit at any time with no penalty whatsoever.

Contacts and Questions: If you have any questions or concerns regarding this study, please contact