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2021 NCPA Financial Benchmark Survey

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The survey is intended for pharmacy owners/managers.  Please do not take this survey unless your pharmacy was in business the entire year of 2020. Please provide financial information based on your 2020 tax returns.

This annual survey is the most comprehensive in the marketplace regarding the financial state of independent community pharmacy, and provides NCPA with a wealth of information that we can use to better represent the interests of independent community pharmacies.

The survey is also used in part for compiling the NCPA Digest which will be available in October. If you submit full financial data, a customized report benchmarking your pharmacy versus the average pharmacy will be sent to you via email by December 2021.

If you plan to provide data on multiple pharmacy locations, a survey tool has been designed by NCPA that makes it easier to enter data for multiple stores. Please contact Leon Michos at for access to the survey tool.

Please complete this survey no later than June, 30 2021.

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