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2021 Coalition for Community Schools Partnership Pledge

Mission: Unite schools, families, and communities for all young peoples’ success.

The Coalition for Community Schools (Coalition) is an alliance of local, state, and national partners who believe that high-quality public education is essential for flourishing communities, a thriving economy, and a strong democracy. We advocate for and support the transformation of public schools into Community Schools becoming more efficient, effective, and equitable centers of their communities where everyone belongs, works together, and thrives.

As a “Partner” in the Coalition, and although not a legally binding, your organization pledges to champion across your organization, communities, states and nationally to advocate for the growth of 25,000 Community Schools by 2025 by supporting the Coalition’s mission, values, and principles, and by caring out the actions listed below: 
  • Supporting policy for Community School Coordinators and infrastructure.
  • Supporting policy for the Community School’s strategy, associated standards, and those advancing equity.
  • Sharing each other’s logos for promotional purposes related to Community Schools.
  • Promoting Community Schools within your organization’s networks, convenings, and affiliates where applicable.
  • Serving on workgroups relevant to your interests and expertise for the growth and quality of Community Schools.
  • Informing the Coalition of how to leverage any actions or opportunities related to Community Schools.
  • Participating in Coalition national conferences and advocacy events.
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9. I PLEDGE, to support the Coalition as a “Partner” by upholding the above pledge within my ability. *This question is required.