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Today, we have an exciting new study for you all about your fitness lifestyle! We want to know all about your go to exercise routines and your go to exercise gear. This study will consist of 3 parts. Part 1 will be a 5 day online community where you will spend 20 minutes each day answering questions about your fitness goals and how you keep fitness as part of your life. Some people will then be chosen to participate in part 2, and for this part, you get to invite a friend or family member to participate. We want to interview your friend or family member all about YOU, and while they're in their interview, you will also be in your own group interview. Finally, if chosen for the next round, You will be taking part in a one on one interview as well, and both interviews will take 90 minutes. Everyone will receive $150 for their participation in the online community. If chosen for part 2, you and your friend will receive $125. And if chosen for part 3, you  will receive $75! So, go ahead and take the survey to see if you qualify.

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