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CoC Implementation Structure Affinity Group Registration

In 2019, the Continuum of Care adopted the Implementation Structure (IS), formerly known as the Action Agenda, to enact the strategic vision of the CoC. The IS fosters collaboration and communication while allowing the community to engage in targeted decision-making. It spurs action, innovation, and implementation, making the continuum more responsive than a long-term strategic plan. The IS supports regular review of data to track progress toward preventing and ending homelessness and responding to the community’s immediate needs.

Affinity Groups are one of the key components of the 2021 CoC Implementation Structure, along with People with Lived Experience, Lead Agencies, and Lines of Action.

Registration Request
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Approval Information
Affinity Groups Registration and approval as part of the CoC IS will be reviewed and approved as part of the CoC IS by the CoC Implementation Structure Lead Project Managers and CoC Board Chair. If additional guidance is needed about the Affinity Group joining the CoC IS, the request will be brought to the Executive Committee of the Board. If needed, Affinity Group requestors can request to meet directly with the Executive Committee.

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