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WA529 Hide-and-Seek, Look for Books with Hootie!

How to Enter

Search the WA529 website for 5 to 9 Books that Hootie hid on our webpages!  
Hootie will be there to let you know when you find a book!  

Note all webpages where you found a book and list them
For example, if you find a book on our WA529 Knowledge Café  page,  list the webpage title in question #2 of the online form.  You will need to find and list a minimum of five webpage titles before you submit your survey answers.

Submit your completed online entry form, including your name and contact information. 
(Contact information will be used solely for contacting winners and award prizes) 

Have fun and good luck!

Please answer the following questions:
1. How many books did you find hidden on the pages of the WA529 website? *This question is required.