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HCL-32 Hypomania Screening

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This question requires a valid date format of MM/DD/YYYY.
At different times in their life everyone experiences changes or swings in energy, activity and mood ("highs and lows" or "ups and downs").
A low energy state may be associated with staying in bed more, flat or depressed emotion, and trouble making decisions.
A high energy state may be associated with getting more things done, more intense emotions, and finding that making decisions is easier. 
But for everyone, these experiences are a bit different. 
The aim of this questionnaire is to understand what you are like when you are in a more high energy period.
First of all, how are you feeling today?
Compared to other people, my level of activity energy and mood: (Not how you feel today, but how you are on average):
Please try to remember a period when you were in a high energy state (while not intoxicated with drugs or alcohol). In a high energy state... *This question is required.
How do high energy states affect your life?
On the whole, how do other people react to your high energy states?
This question requires a valid number format.
When were you most recently in an energized state?
This question requires a valid percent format.