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Skilling Strategies for GBS Organizations | Pinnacle Model® Assessment 2021


Global Business Services (GBS) organizations are evolving to become global hubs that house deep-domain expertise and next-generation skills for the enterprise. As this happens, the need for a robust, futuristic skilling strategy is gaining importance as pivoting the GBS workforce from their current roles to the future of work will be critical to success.

Everest Group and The Conference Board are conducting an extensive study to identify best-in-class, or Pinnacle, skilling strategies in leading global organizations. In this study, we will analyze the current and planned approaches to skilling strategies in GBS organizations, approaches to implementing talent development and skilling initiatives, key metrics to evaluate performance, benchmarks of best-in-class organizations, and success factors that help achieve distinguished outcomes.

How will this research help you?

You will learn how your peers – and the best of the best – are designing and implementing their skilling strategies. We will share a complimentary summary analysis of survey results highlighting how your organization compares against the peer group with respect to capabilities created and business outcomes achieved.

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Please note: "GIC," "Global Capability Center," "GCC," "GBS," "Global Business Services," "Captive," and "Shared Services Center" are interchangeable terms to describe in-house capabilities residing in a centralized shared services model, typically located in lower cost locations