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Western Governors University May 6th Info Session

NYC Virtual Summer Cyber Camp

Western Governors University Information Session
When: May 6th from 4-4:30pm
June 9th from 4-4:30pm

High school students! Curious about cybersecurity? Apply to the NYC Virtual Summer Cyber Camp, a FREE, virtual cyber camp happening this summer, July 26- 30.  In two- to three- hour sessions per day, this beginner-level camp will teach introductory concepts and explore foundational and technical elements of cybersecurity. You’ll learn by roleplaying as a Department of Homeland Security agent, discover how an Enigma machine works and how to program the micro:bot.™ Collaborative teamwork will teach critical-thinking skills.

The purpose of the program is to spark the interest and further enhance the curiosity of high school students in cybersecurity in underrepresented communities of the NYC metro area. High school students that this summer will be rising 9-12 graders (as of Fall 2021), and who live in NYC boroughs Queens, Bronx, Brooklyn, or Manhattan may apply.

About WGU: What’s in a name? Our name tells the story of our founding in 1997, when a group of governors came up with an innovative answer to a question of growing concern: How can we ensure more of our residents have greater access to a college education that fits their schedule? Today, the online, nonprofit, accredited Western Governors University continues to transform higher education by improving quality, expanding access, and optimizing student success through online, competency-based degree programs aligned with workforce needs.


Thank you for your interest. :)  

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