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Codman Square Branch Library


The City of Boston and Boston Public Library are beginning a study of the Codman Square Branch. This study will collect information about the Branch Library and the community it serves. It will set priorities for library services and design. Finally, it will explore options for renovation, addition, and replacement of the building.

As part of this study, the team wants to hear from you. Please share your thoughts and experiences with the Codman Square Branch Library. All responses are anonymous.

1. Before the pandemic, how often did you visit the Codman Square Branch in person?
2. When you visited, how did you usually get to the Codman Square Branch? Select all that apply
3. Before the pandemic, what did you go to the library for? Check all that apply
4. The best thing about the Codman Square Branch is...? Check all that apply
6. How could the library better serve the Codman Square neighborhood? Check all that apply
8. Tell us more about the character of the Codman Square neighborhood. Give us three words that best describe the neighborhood!