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OESIS Boston: Competency Focused SEL & DEI October 20/21, 2021

Register and/or Submit A Presenter Proposal

This Conference is on Competencies around DEI and SEL.  Registration is by invoice only with credit card options or checks allowed on the invoice. The conference takes place over two days and breakfast and lunch are included on both days. Cancellations allowed with a $50 charge until September 1st. Once your registration is approved and an invoice generated please book your rooms immediately.  Rooms are limited Click here to book your room in advance. 

Here are the rates:
  • OESIS Member School Early Bird to July 15th (35% discount) $650
  • Early Bird to July 15th (25% discount) $750
  • Early Bird Group Rate Minimum of three to July 15th $700
  • Approved Full Presenter (Not Panelist) 50% Discount ($325).
  • OESIS Member School Regular Rate after July 15th $750
  • Regular Rate after July 15th $1,000
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