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The State of Performance Management 2021 (AB)

On Performance Management

Defining performance management: For the purpose of this survey, performance management (PM) is the process in which supervisors communicate with—or otherwise manage—employees with the intent of ensuring that workers meet the organization's performance expectations and other goals (e.g., developmental objectives). Sometimes performance management communications also take place among employees in the same work group, and sometimes employees give their supervisors performance feedback as well. PM can be formal, informal or some combination. Likewise, it can be manual, technology-driven, or some combination of both. 
1. Does your organization have a performance management process? (select the one that best applies) *This question is required.
2. Please select the degree to which PM is manual or technology-driven in your organization.
(Note: A mostly manual process may include written documents and spreadsheets while a mostly technological one may include largely automated performance management systems.) 
Mostly or entirely manualMostly or entirely technology-driven