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Microsoft 365 Certified: Modern Desktop Administrator Associate Quiz 27

Enjoy the following 10 question quiz from TestOut.

1. You have a computer that runs Windows 7. You want to perform a clean installation of Windows 10 and maintain as much of the application settings, user profile, and user data as possible.

Which steps should you perform to complete the migration with the least amount of effort possible?
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2. To deploy Windows 10, you want to use the Windows 10 installation on a selected computer as a system image. After removing machine-specific information from the computer, you are ready to capture the image as a WIM file.

What should you do?
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3. You want to connect your client computer to a wireless access point connected to your wired network at work. The network administrator tells you that the access point is configured to use WPA2-Personal with the strongest encryption method possible. SSID broadcast is turned off.

Which of the following must you configure manually on the client? (Choose three)
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4. Several weeks ago, you installed a desktop application on your Windows system. Yesterday, you installed another desktop application on your system that was developed in-house. After doing so, you notice that the first application behaves erratically and frequently locks up.

You have opened Control Panel on your Windows system, accessed Programs and Features, and selected the application. What should you do?
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5. Users must use a USB security token that contains their user information and access levels to gain access to the file server. What type of Dynamic Access Control implementation component is being used? *This question is required.
6. Dynamic Access Control (DAC) can dynamically change the level of access a user has to file server data based on which of the following? (Choose two) *This question is required.

7. You manage Windows notebook systems that are members of a domain. You have ten regional salespeople who travel extensively and use these notebooks to access company resources.

The users have complained that although they can take copies of important files with them into the field, occasionally, they have been caught with out-of-date documents because no one told them the files had been updated. Additionally, some files they modify need to be distributed to all the other sales staff.

What can you do to provide the needed access to these shared files?

*This question is required.
8. You are publishing an app in Microsoft Intune that you want deployed to the Intune Company Portal. You want to allow users to decide whether they want to install it on their managed devices or not.

Which type of deployment action should you configure using Intune policies?
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9. What should you do before you install a third-party anti-malware program? *This question is required.
10. What is the component of Windows 10 that provides protection against malware and other threats called? *This question is required.
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