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Recruitment Information Form

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Welcome to Alpha Gamma Delta's Recruitment Information Form! 

Members and non-members are encouraged to submit a Recruitment Information Form (RIF) for Potential New Members (PNMs) who embody our values for membership. Upon completion, this form will notify chapters of PNMs participating in the Primary Recruitment and/or COB process.

Recruitment Information Forms are not a requirement—nor do they guarantee membership—but they are beneficial to our chapters when filled out as completely as possible. 

Please review recruitment dates and submit your RIF early enough to allow the chapter time for processing. 

If you are a Potential New Member seeking someone to write a Recruitment Information Form on your behalf, you are encouraged to contact a collegiate or alumnae member of Alpha Gamma Delta who has known you for at least one year—or someone who knows you well, such as a close family friend or teacher. To find an alumnae chapter/club near you, use our chapter locator. Your local Panhellenic alumnae chapter may also be able to provide additional guidance on Information Forms. 

If you have questions about the form, email or contact the Membership Growth Team at International Headquarters at 317.663.4200.