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MSN Culminating Activity Registration

*We are asking for personal email and employer information because our accrediting body requires that we do post-graduation surveys of students and employers. The data will be protected.
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19. Please take about 5minutes to complete the CSUDH Nursing Graduate Student Exit Survey (requried for our accreditation)   After you complete the survey, return to this form to finish the questions and submit

I have completed the Exit Survey
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21. Will any MSN course(s) be over 5 years at the graduation term? *This question is required.
22. Have you applied for graduation (degree application)? *This question is required.
23. Attach a copy of your CSUDH Academic Profile.

To Print out the Academic Advisement Report in MyCSUDH to show completion of your degree requirements and graduation status:
  • Log into MyCSUDH. Click Student Center > click My Academics > click View My Advisement Report.
  • Click on the “Expand All” button before printing; that will open up all sections to show the courses completed, dates, and grades.
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