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BSN & MSN Open University Application

Semester Open U Application Window
FALL 2022 JULY 15, 2022  - AUGUST 26, 2022
SPRING 2023 DECEMBER 1, 2022 - JANUARY 20, 2023
SUMMER 2023                              MAY 1, 2023 - MAY 28, 2023
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REFUND POLICY Refunds are not automatic; you must file appropriate forms in the Extended Education Office in order to receive a refund. Refunds take a minimum of six to eight weeks for processing. Refunds are granted in accordance with the State refund schedule. If a course is cancelled, the entire fee will be refunded. If you withdraw after the first class and before 25 percent of the course has elapsed, 65 percent of the total fee will be refunded. After 25 percent of the course time has elapsed, no refund will be made; however a drop form must still be filed. Stop payments on checks are NOT an acceptable withdrawal from the course(s) and will result in a financial penalty.