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Code of Conduct on Crisis Management


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Code of Conduct


This Code of Conduct articulates the values that WYSE Travel Confederation Members wish to foster in its membership and helps define desired behavior and sets expectations that apply to all WYSE Travel Confederation members and other organisations that are active in the cultural exchange sector. These non-governmental travel organisations conduct and support cultural, educational, and work-based international exchange programmes and adhere to, promote, and expect the highest ethical standards of professional practice.

Organisations that have agreed to this Code of Conduct are committed to creating an environment of professionalism and collaboration in dealing with crises.


This Code of Conduct expresses the values that provide a foundation for and an acknowledgement of the responsibilities, conduct of the cultural exchange sector relating to crisis management.

Though it cannot deal specifically with all circumstances that may arise, the Code embodies shared values and experiences that contribute to responsible best practices.

Guiding Values
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