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Dynamic Coalition on Public Access in Libraries: Setting the Agenda for 2021


Have Your Say! Setting the Agenda of the Dynamic Coalition on Public Access in Libraries for 2021

The Dynamic Coalition on Public Access in Libraries (DC-PAL) is an open multistakeholder group working within the Internet Governance Forum platform since 2012. DC-PAL facilitates policy dialogue and action to leverage public internet access in libraries and similar facilities to support and expand meaningful digital inclusion. 

This work focuses in particular on the role of public access in expanding equitable and affordable access to connectivity and technology, digital skills learning opportunities, facilitating creation, discovery and use of key online resources (e.g. by digitising cultural and educational materials and facilitating local content creation); and building understanding and consensus around the related laws needed to facilitate public access, including copyright and broadband policies.

This survey is a first step collaboratively to build and define the agenda and priorities for the work of DC-PAL in 2021. The goal is to see what key issues and trends in these areas are currently of most interest for DC-PAL coalition and network members, what the main priorities are, and what scope for collaboration with other initiatives there is.

We welcome inputs from members of DC-PAL and other interested stakeholders - both newcomers and longstanding contributors! The inputs and suggestions collected through this survey will be discussed during a virtual consultation meeting on April 22. You are welcome to contribute to this participatory agenda-setting process and share your insights and preferences through this survey, during the consultation meeting, or both!

Finally, inputs to this survey will also help inform DC-PAL's contribution to a paper under development by the Dynamic Coalition Coordination Group and the IGF Secretariat to document Dynamic Coalitions' experiences.

This survey should take 5-6 minutes to complete. We would appreciate receiving your inputs by 3 May, 2020.

Thank you for your time - and we look forward to hearing from you!