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Community Feedback Survey

Please answer the following questions to help the Marshall County Health Department (MCHD) better serve YOU! With your input, we can work toward customizing public health education to better meet your needs. This survey will run from May 1st to June 30, 2021, and we look forward to receiving your thoughts.

1. Where do you currently reside?
2. What is your age group?
3. What is the main avenue for you to receive information regarding MCHD (check all that apply)?
Space Cell WebsiteFacebookTwitterInstagramTik TokNewspaperCommunity EventWord of MouthFlyer displayed in the communityBillboard
4. What services have you used at the MCHD?

Check all that apply:
5. Were you aware that the MCHD offered all of the above services?
6. What other services would you be interested in MCHD offering or expanding in the future?
7. Would you be interested in a community forum to learn more about the services MCHD offers?
8. If a forum is held, what time frames would work best with your schedule?