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NRPA 2021 Climate for Health Ambassadors Training

NRPA is pleased to partner with Climate for Health to offer a free, virtual Climate for Health Ambassadors Training to the park and recreation profession. The training will be held over two days: June 22 and 24, 2021 from 2:00 - 4:00 PM ET. Participants are able to attend one day, however to receive 0.3 CEU and become a Climate for Health Ambassadors (see below), they must participate in both days- the full four-hour training.

Training Topics:
  • June 22: climate change overview, impacts on health, equitable solutions & benefits
  • June 24: climate communications, advocacy and engagement
  • Featured guest speakers throughout the training

NRPA is committed to elevating the essential role that park and recreation professionals play in advancing upstream solutions and dismantling the systems that perpetuate climate and health disparities, in order to build stronger, more vibrant and resilient communities where everyone thrives. Building off NRPA's Greener Parks for Health resources, this training will equip park and recreation professionals with the knowledge, resources, and support to speak and act confidently on climate change and solutions.

Park and recreation professionals who complete the training are encouraged to become certified by signing up as a “Climate for Health Ambassador.” These leaders will receive additional support to present on climate and health, and take specific actions to advocate for climate solutions.

Space is limited! Applicants will be admitted on a first, come first serve basis with preference given to those working in the park and recreation field. The application will close once we have reached capacity or by 5pm ET on June 15. All applicants will be notified of their acceptance by June 18.

Please email Jenny Cox for any questions related to the training session.
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