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Diversity Pipeline Grant Applications

LSAC Diversity Pipeline Grant Applications

Purpose of Grants
The Law School Admission Council (LSAC) is committed to promoting access and equity in legal education and the legal profession. To this end, LSAC is dedicated to funding grants for initiatives and projects that focus on and impact diversity in the law school pipeline. Specifically, LSAC will consider proposals for projects that center on the experiences and needs of minoritized prelaw students, encourage and empower minoritized students to pursue legal education, and aim to increase the enrollment and success of minoritized students in law school. Proposals may also be submitted for research projects or other innovative initiatives. The primary focus is on minoritized candidates at community colleges or undergraduate institutions who are underrepresented in the legal profession and who face historical, social, political, economic, and educational barriers that constrict them. LSAC expects grants to be consistent with its mission, as outlined in LSAC’s Strategic Plan.

A complete copy of the LSAC Diversity Pipeline Grant Guidelines are located here.

Proposals must include, but are not limited to, the following:
  • Program Description: Provide a detailed description of the program’s goals, proposed curriculum including student outcomes, recruitment and selection process, administrative and instructional staffing, and full project period.
  • Resumes: Attach resumes for key administrative and instructional staff.
  • Sustainability Plan: The plan should demonstrate future plans for securing institutional and/or external support for long-term funding beyond the grant. The plan should include descriptions of internal partners, proposed fundraising initiatives with clear timelines, and staff tasked with this work.
  • Evaluation Plan: Your proposal must include a plan for conducting an evaluation of the effectiveness of the program’s implementation and achievement of outcomes.
  • Budget: As a separate document, proposals must include a detailed budget, in an Excel format. Also, please include a Word document, outlining the full project period as well as corresponding budget justification.
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