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Fitness to Travel | Declaration form - Australia

Fitness to Travel | Declaration Form

At Bunnik Tours we don’t put specific age limits on our tours, but we also recognise some travellers may find our itineraries challenging.

We have a duty of care to all tour participants and the tour guides, so we do impose a firm policy on the level of fitness required by all our clients to attempt to ensure your safety and the safety of other travellers on our tours.

At Bunnik Tours our goal is for all our travellers to enjoy their tour, not struggle through it! Which is why we want to work with you to ensure you are on the best possible trip for your fitness level. We do reserve the right to refuse bookings if we feel that the requirements of the tour are too demanding.

Bunnik Tours are for independently minded travellers with good levels of mobility.

Our tours include:
1. Generous amounts of free time
2. Lots of walking, minimum of 2-3 hours on uneven surfaces, without the use of any walking aids, on any given day
3. Local and authentic experiences including various modes of transport and accommodation

Bunnik Tours travellers are required to at least:
1. Be able to walk 2-3 hours on uneven surfaces without the use of any walking aid, on any given day
2. Walk up multiple flights of stairs and short, steep hills
3. Stand for 20 minutes without needing to sit down, often in hot/humid climates
4. Carry their own luggage
5. Get on and off various modes of transport without assistance, including small boats

Part 1 of this disclaimer must be completed within seven days of booking.
Part 1 - Fitness to Travel Declaration
This question requires a valid email address.
5. Bunnik Tours require a certain level of health and fitness. Please answer all 3 questions.

Bunnik Tours generally does not accept bookings for single travellers 80 years of age and over without a travelling companion.  *This question is required.
Space Cell YesNo
I can walk approximately 3.5 kilometres on uneven surfaces without the use of any walking aid.
I can carry my own luggage unassisted
I can walk up a few flights of stairs with ease
If the information you have provided is incorrect in the view of our tour guides or Bunnik Tours and your medical condition impacts the enjoyment of fellow travellers, or places you at risk, you can be removed from the tour. In this instance no refund will be provided for the unused portion of the tour and additional costs may be incurred to rearrange your flights.