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Feedback for SOCCER.COM

Your Experience

1. How likely are you to recommend SOCCER.COM to a friend or colleague?
3. Please rate your level of agreement with the following statements:
Space Cell Strongly DisagreeDisagreeSomewhat DisagreeNeutralSomewhat AgreeAgreeStrongly Agree
Overall, the SOCCER.COM website is easy to use.
The SOCCER.COM website is personalized (tailored) to me.
Finding the products I'm looking for is easy on SOCCER.COM.
SOCCER.COM offers a broad selection of soccer products and gear.
SOCCER.COM provides helpful guidance for product selection (sizing information, product details, product reviews, etc).
SOCCER.COM offers reasonable shipping timeframes.
SOCCER.COM offers reasonable shipping prices.
4. How likely are you to buy again from SOCCER.COM?
Very UnlikelyUnlikelyNot SureLikelyVery Likely