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Collaboration Opportunities at CISCRP

Brief Survey

Thank you for  expressing interest in volunteering with CISCRP. We are dedicated to engaging the public and patients as partners in clinical research.

As part of our process, we have a few questions to ask. Please complete the brief survey below and upon completion, we will contact you.
1. Select one option below that best describes you.
I am a (an): *This question is required.
3. Have you ever participated in a clinical trial?
5. Do you have access to a computer and internet to complete the review of materials?
6. How often do you need to have someone help you when you read instructions, pamphlets, or other written material from your doctor or pharmacy?
7. Select one option that best describes you.
8. Select an option below that best describes how you identify.
9. Please select any of the ways in which you would like to help.
10. Please select the therapeutic areas that are of interest to you.
11. Please select topics that are of interest to you.
12. How often would you like to volunteer with CISCRP? 
13. Would you be interested in learning more/ volunteering on CISCRP's standing review panel?

This is for a group of volunteers that would be reached out to on a more frequent basis, volunteer on special projects, and have flexible timelines. 
14. Where did you learn about CISCRP's Editorial Panels? Check all that apply.
15. Please enter your contact information.
This question requires a valid email address.