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AEM Cyber Security Education Survey

AEM is keen on taking a leadership role to help its members better understand the current state of cyber security and address challenges for the industry. Through this short survey, AEM is looking to identify current operations, future concerns and assess the risks that should be addressed by members.

The survey results will be analyzed, providing insight into how AEM members view cyber security today with recommendations for addressing cybersecurity in the future. These results and more insights will be shared through our upcoming Member Education Webinar on May 25th.
1. What best describes your current role?
2. What is your primary industry?
3. What is the size of your organization?
4. How many employees does your company employ?
5. . What operating system(s) and versions are in your environment? (Check all that apply)
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5. Do you manage any cloud services? (check all that apply)
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5. How likely is cybersecurity to be addressed in Executive Meetings?
Very likelyLikelyOccasionallyUnlikelyVery unlikely
5. What is the level of engagement of the Executive Management in managing cybersecurity risks?
Very highHighNeutralLowVery low
5. Do you or your company have any past experience with cyber-incidents?
7. Rank the top 3 business priorities tied to managing cyber risk within your organization (1 being the highest priority) Note: for the following table each column is restricted to a single answer across all rows.
8. Please select the level of cybersecurity maturity within your organization.
9. How confident are you that your organization is prepared for cyber-incidents
Very ConfidentConfidentNeutralNot ConfidentNot at all Confident
10. How would you rate the capability of your Incident Response Plan in care of an incident?
Very CapableCapableNeutralNot CapableNot at all CapableNo Incident Response Plan in place
11. Does your organization have a Chief Information Security Officer/Chief Security Officer?
12. If yes, is their role dedicated, shared or outsourced?
12. Who does this role report to?
12. If no, who is responsible for Security in your organization?
12. What is the approximate Security Budget Allocation as a % of Gross Revenue in your organization?
13. Are your organization's security budgets adequate to secure your organization effectively
14. What security technologies/controls do you have in place? (Check all that apply)
14. What cyber threat are you most concerned about within your organization? (1 being the most concerned) Note: for the following table each column is restricted to a single answer across all rows.
15. Which external drivers have the greatest influence on cyber-security initiatives within your organization?
16. Who do you see as the most likely threat actors for your business? (i.e., People who want to do you harm either advertently or inadvertently?)