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Summer 2021 Meal Distribution Plan (MDP)

The Summer 2021 Meal Distribution Plan (MDP) is required for sponsors intending to operate SFSP/SSO during summer 2021 (June 2021-September 2021). Your application is not considered complete until the MDP has been completed and submitted. If your organization needs to update their MDP for operation during SY 20-21 (September 2020-June 2021), please use the SY 20-21 Meal Distribution Plan Survey

Program operators should fill out the MDP based on current meal distribution methods. We understand during this public health emergency that sponsor's meal service models may change.

Program operators must re-submit their MDP as their meal distribution models are updated.

NOTE: Please reference the Summer 2021 Application Checklist prior to beginning the survey. If you exit the survey before it is submitted, your progress will be lost.

Additional details regarding operating SFSP/SSO and the Nationwide Waivers available may be found on the OSPI COVID-19 Nutrition Meals & Guidance webpage.

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