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CSM June Input

Challenges and approaches to cooperative finance for climate impact

The next capacity sharing marketplace workshop is focusing on cooperation for climate finance
Our objective is to work together with participants to identify best practices and common roadblocks to cooperative finance and to develop a catalogue of approaches based on the experience and ideas of participants. More information on this initiative is available via the CSM website.

Help us plan the meeting by sharing your views and experience
We are asking practitioners in trade and development finance to share views, experiences and case studies in advance to help us structure the discussions and plan follow-up for this collaborative project.

Please submit your input with the questions below by 1st April 2021 at the latest

Contact Paul Heaney at the Berne Union Secretariat with any questions.
We want to hear how your organisation is tackling climate issues and where you have encountered the biggest roadblocks.

Please share your views and experiences on any of the areas below
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