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Cactus Corridor Labour Study Survey


The Cactus Corridor Labour Force Assessment Employer Survey will gather relevant, timely and accurate labour market information from organizations in the Cactus Corridor.  This project is being led by Cactus Corridor Economic Development Corporation, in partnership with partner municipalities including the Special Areas, Town of Hanna and Village of Youngstown.    

This survey gathers important labour market information regarding employment practices.  It is recommended the survey is directed to a Human Resources contact within the organization; however you may require consultation with other members of the organization.  Participation is valuable, as it will provide an understanding of issues and opportunities local employers are facing at this time and forecast labour market needs over the next five years. 

The project is being conducted by Applications Management Consulting Ltd.All responses are confidential and results will be compiled in group form by Applications Management Consulting Ltd.  This survey can be completed over the phone or online.  To complete the survey over the phone, or for technical questions, please email Gurpreet Sidhu at  Please direct any other questions related to the project to Mark Nikota – Economic Development Manager at 403-854-0589 or

Thank you in advance for your time and participation in this important project.