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Capital Region Community Foundation Inclusive Playground Survey

The Community Foundation is building a unique, universally-accessible playground on downtown Lansing’s riverfront. We need input from parents like you to ensure our planning includes needed elements so that children of all abilities can enjoy this playground-park with their families. The following survey will take no more than 10 minutes to complete.  The answers you provide will be combined with the answers with many other families like yours, to help the planners and designers build a safe, supportive, imaginative, social space for all to enjoy. Just click on the buttons or squares to answer each question.  At the end, hit the submit button to complete.
2. Do any of your children have conditions that impact how they interact with their environment? (Check all that apply)
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3. How often did you visit playgrounds with your child(ren) before the Covid pandemic?
4. How did (do) you travel to playgrounds? (Check all that apply)
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5. Have you ever avoided going to playgrounds for any of the following reasons? (Check all that apply)
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6. The following list provides playground feaures and amenties that may be important to you in a public playground. Please indicate how important each item is for you and your family. "Must have" means you will not use the playground if it is not available.
Space Cell Must HaveVery ImportantImportantNot Important
Be on public bus route
Have handicap-accessible parking spaces
Be reachable using SpecTrans
Have a drinking fountain
Have public restrooms
Have picnic tables
Have shade trees
Have quieter spaces away from the main play structures
Have sensory play items like music, sand, water
Have benches for family members to sit and watch
Have equipment with ramps for wheelchairs
Have safe swings for younger and older children
Have things that spin you around
Have things you can climb
Have things you can manipulate with your hands
Have areas for imaginative play that represents jobs like firefighting, farming, cooking, driving a car
Have a place for group musical, theatre, movie, or storytelling events
Have a space for group games like kickball or volleyball
Have tunnels, caves, huts
Have volunteers available to monitor and assist
Have lighting
Have places nearby to purchase food
7. How far would you be willing to drive to go to an inclusive playground?