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Refund form

A refund of your tickets is only possible in the case of 
  • a cancelled event
  • a rescheduled event
  • a rescheduled event affected by the coronacrisis after providing evidence of why you are unable to attend on the new date
And this within 30 days of the cancellation or when the new date has been announced. You can find more information in this guide
Complete the whole form to request your refund.

What are the terms?
- A refund can be requested within 30 calendar days after the cancellation or when the new date has been announced. Please consult the official communication about rescheduled events on our website. If exceptional circumstances arise after these 30 days that prevent you from attending the event, please contact us

- Sudden illness shortly before the event is not accepted as a reason for reimbursement.

- An Allianz cancellation insurance is a personal insurance and will intervene in case of illness or accident shortly before an event. Through this insurance, you cannot obtain a refund for a date change.

- In the case of a rescheduled event with a new date, you must justify your request with valid supporting documents (e.g. confirmation of travel arrangements, planned medical intervention, wedding invitation, etc.). 

- Please also note that only the original ticket buyer can request a refund.

Processing your application
Tele Ticket Service will process your request as soon as possible. If your request is accepted, you will receive a refund no later than 1 October 2021. 

Important information on group purchases
If you bought more than 20 tickets for an event through a group purchase, then please consult