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Survey - 2021 Share your thoughts about travel

We'd love to pick your brain about your future travel plans.

Vaccination campaigns are ramping up and countries around the world are beginning to open their borders once again. Whether you're ready to pack a bag and hit the road ASAP or you're taking a more wait-and-see approach, we want to hear your thoughts on travel in 2021. As we patiently await Canada's travel revival, your views will help us plan and ensure our hostels are ready to welcome you safely and comfortably whenever you choose to set out on your next adventure.

At the end of the survey, let us know if you'd like to be entered to win our prize package containing a $100 MEC gift card, two sightseeing tours from SunDog Tours in Jasper, Alberta, and an HI Canada hoodie and water bottle.

Thanks for your time!