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AUCCCD Conference | 2021 Call for Proposals

Proposal Deadline April 30, 2021

AUCCCD Call for Proposals
We are planning to hold the 2021 Conference in-person, in Seattle, WA, October 09 - 13.

At this time, although a hybrid component might be incorporated into the conference in some way, we are planning for all presenters to attend the conference in-person. 

In order to complete your submission, you will need the following:

  • Presenter CVs (to upload)
  • Current (within last 10 years) Peer Reviewed Citations in APA format (to upload)
  • School sizes of co-presenters (if applicable)
  • Session description (200 word max)
  • 1 learning objective (75 word max) per Educational Hour
    • Learning objectives should clearly describe what participants are expected to learn; and
    • How participants can apply this knowledge in practice or other professional contexts.
    • Please review the Guidance for Writing Behavioral Learning Objectives prior to submitting your proposal.
    • Verbs to avoid when writing learning objectives: know, understand, learn, appreciate, become aware of / familiar with
  • Please remember to be as descriptive and accurate as possible in the title of your presentation. Many members use CEs for specific requirements, such as ethics.
You will be able to save your progress and return to the submission at any time.

Areas of focus:
  • Topics on Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
  • Ethics
  • COVID-19 impacts on service delivery (e.g., teletherapy services,  virtual outreach, administrative issues, postvention)
  • Director and counseling center staff self-care
  • Social justice issues in student mental health access and care (e.g. historical disparities, public policy, national election)
  • Training and supervision best practices
  • Leadership and Management Strategies


Thank you for your interest/involvement in presenting to members of AUCCCD at our annual conference. Here is important information about AUCCCD's commitment to inclusive excellence, the promotion of social justice, civility, and collegiality. We hope it helps you shape your presentation in a way that best fits with AUCCCD values.

AUCCCD is an organization of highly diverse members on all characteristics of identity (e.g. race/ethnicity, gender identity, sexual identity, religion, and other characteristics of identity) and professional affiliation (e.g. social workers, psychiatrists, licensed professional counselors, psychologists, and other professions).  As professionals, we serve university and college students who represent every facet of cultural identity.  As such, we do not use disrespectful or derogatory images or language about any particular groups, or engage in actions that would minimize or invalidate people because of who they are.

Please note: Only current AUCCCD Members and Emeriti members may submit and present sessions, with an exception being for the pre-conference only.