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Church Law & Tax - Financial Misconduct in the Church

Church Law & Tax (CLT) is exploring the issue of financial misconduct in the local church. 

To assist with this project, CLT is partnering with Arbor Research Group, a team of Christian researchers who help Christian organizations and churches. CLT and Arbor have taken steps to ensure the identities of all participants remain confidential. Along with this survey, CLT and Arbor will host several related focus groups.

Thank you for your willingness to participate. Financial misconduct is, at the least, a major disruption to a church’s focus on faithfulness. The intent of this survey is to learn together how to help God’s people avoid this unnecessary hindrance to the church's mission. 

This is a comprehensive 12-minute survey about an important topic to the church. Your confidential input is important and we appreciate your participation. As a thank you for your time and insights, at the end of the survey you will be able to download Preventing High-Tech Fraud for freea valuable resource that will help you prepare for a new form of fraud that churches are facing ($14.95 value). Thank you for being a part of this important project. 

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