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Having permission to play is fantastic news for many, however, we fully appreciate that there will also be a multitude of factors that influence both the ability and desire of some clubs and individuals to participate in hockey as early as 29 March.

We want to understand where you are at so we can ensure individuals are put at the heart of the route back to hockey, allowing you to feel supported to return when you are comfortable and that you return with confidence.

To do this we ask questions on your attitude to returning or not, along with the impact that not being able to play hockey has had on you.


The survey is entirely confidential and anonymous; none of your answers will be attributed to you personally, or reported back in a way that could possibly identify individuals. There is also the ability to skip any questions that you are not comfortable in providing responses to by selecting 'prefer not to say'.  

Our privacy notice explains your rights under GDPR in more detail:   

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