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NYS Department of Environmental Conservation Special License Exams Registration


Welcome to New York State's Department of Environmental Conservation's  Special License Exams. 

The exams being offered  include: 
     Wildlife Rehabilitator License
     Falconry License 
     Leashed Tracking Dog License

You have the choice to register for one or all the exams offered. 
When filling out the registration, ensure that your email address is correct, as it will be required for subsequent test admission and must be consistent.  
Following registration, you will be emailed materials to connect you with your registered exam link(s). 

Incomplete or partially completed registrations will not be considered and exam attempts will not be accepted. Registration will close ONE WEEK before Exam Day

Please be aware: AOL email addresses will often not work due to security settings on the email handle. School email addresses will also not work due to security features. Wherever possible, utilize a different email handle such as Gmail or yahoo

Please email with any questions 

Thank you 

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2. Enter your full legal name (First and last name). No Nicknames; This is to ensure the computer recognizes your exams, this name must be consistent. *This question is required.
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