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Growatt Batterij Configurator EN


Welcome to the Growatt Energy Storage System configurator!

Growatt is a global leader of smart energy solutions and provides residential, commercial and utility-scale PV inverters, energy storage, microgrid systems and smart energy management solutions. Growatt ranks among global top 10 PV inverter suppliers. Growatt invests heavily in research and development. Elegant, smart and powerful features have been brought by the R&D team to the latest inverters , which are very well received by customers across the globe.

This pages helps you to configure a Growatt energy storage system. Questions are asked to determine which products suit your energy storage system. At the end a bill of material will be presented which shows all the necessary components and direct hyperlinks to the product pages on our web shop. Once the product page of a certain component is loaded on our web shop you will get the opportunity to add the component to your shopping basket.

Press the little black arrow in the green square at the right bottom corner of this page to start this configurator.

1. Growatt has energy storage solutions available for the following applications:

  Eén- of drie fase hybride systeem op een één- of drie-fase aansluiting.    
1A new installation with a hybrid inverter with solar panels and battery storage.  

2. A new installation with a single phase hybrid inverter with solar panels and battery storage connected to a three phase grid.

3. An existing solar system extended with an AC-coupled inverter with battery storage 

4. An existing solar system extended with a hybrid inverter with solar panels and battery storage.

5. A new installation with a standalone AC-coupled inverter with battery storage. 
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