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Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Survey


England Hockey strives to ensure that our sport respects, values and promotes all aspects of equality, diversity and inclusion (E, D & I).   

To do this we need to understand more about YOU - the people that play, coach, officiate, volunteer, administer and watch hockey. We need to understand your experiences, views and perceptions, listen to what is good or bad and understand YOUR issues and challenges. By understanding more, we will learn, and will work with you to make changes, challenge existing practice, and create a more inclusive environment for everyone to enjoy our sport, however they take part. 

Your feedback will provide us with invaluable data and insight that will enable us to make informed decisions on which to build our future plans for a more inclusive sport.  Please be open and honest, this is the only way we can make meaningful change. The survey will take around five minutes to complete.

Due to the nature of the survey, we are seeking responses from individuals aged 13 and over. We are also using response categories that mimic the options provided through the Census and/or Sport England. 


The survey is entirely confidential and anonymous; none of your answers will be attributed to you personally, or reported back in a way that could possibly identify individuals. There is also the ability to skip any questions that you are not comfortable in providing responses to by selecting 'prefer not to say'.  

Our privacy notice explains your rights under GDPR in more detail:   

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