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[CCR] Custom Content Request

Content Brief

3. Custom Content Type *This question is required.If your request is submitted towards the end of the month, this content may have to go into your following month's campaign
Promotional content will need to be reviewed by our vendor account team, please understand the turnaround time for this request will be longer. 
Additionally, some programs are not able to support product custom content.

4. Article ImagePlease select an image below that best matches your article and our team will find a similar image from our licensed image library Please select one of the following images.
4. If you have you have your own image or video you'd like to use, please upload it here.Image must be least 200 x 300px (or 50 KB)
Any text added here will be seen on your newsletter, under the selected image
Text you add here will appear on a landing page -- this is what the reader will see when they click on the button.
If you do not have text and would like us to redirect to a link, please paste below.
If you would like to redirect to a pdf, please upload in the next question.
4. Attach a PDF instead
You Represent that:
(i) you have the right to license OneAffiniti to use any copyright, intellectual property and other rights (Rights) subsisting in the material;
(ii) use of the material does not infringe any Rights of any third party;
(iii) no third party has commenced or threatened proceedings for infringement of the Rights; and
(iv) you have obtained from each author an irrevocable consent and waiver to any infringement of moral rights in the material.

By clicking "submit" you agree to OneAffiniti's Copyright and Infringement terms.