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2022 Ribbon Cutting Request Form

Planning a celebration? We'd love to be part of it!

We'd like to help your business celebrate a Grand Opening, Ribbon Cutting or Groundbreaking!

We provide our members a tip sheet to guide their event planning and promotion, the option to borrow our ceremonial scissors and the opportunity to schedule an event with our staff and volunteers participating.

As you prepare for your special event, here are some guidelines to keep in mind:
  • Your company must be a member of the Greater Omaha Chamber to access our tools
  • Please take a couple minutes to fill out four short questions below and we will send you the tip sheets and info on borrowing the scissors
  • If you would like a Chamber representative to attend, this service is operated on a "first come first served" basis with a limited amount of celebration slots available each week - the farther out you can plan, the more choices you will have.  And you must provide at least 14 days notice for this (trust us ~ planning a good event requires ample time and thought!) 
  • After you answer the following four questions, a Chamber representative will contact you within a couple business days to discuss your needs and what options are available.

Thanks for your membership and we look forward to providing you info and tools to support your celebration!
1. What is the occasion for your ribbon cutting? *This question is required.
2. What would you like the Chamber to do? *This question is required.
3. We loan out the ceremonial scissors and also provide ribbon cutting services that include a Chamber representative onsite at your event during the times listed below on a "first come first served" basis. 

Please indicate your preferences below (check as many boxes as you'd like) so we can let you know what is available on the upcoming calendar. *This question is required.
4. Please tell us about yourself and your event so we may be prepared when we contact you. *This question is required.