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Help Stop the Banning of Fox News - Election Forum

Help Stop the Banning of FOX News

FOX News and its hosts and advertisers are under attack with a coordinated, organized campaign to destroy the network and to banish it from the airways. 

We are organizing through the Turn American Around Fund a campaign to have you be part of stopping the injustice and protecting freedom of speech.

You will receive information on which advertisers on FOX to write to, phone, sign a petition for, or encourage.

You will learn which organizations are attacking, what they are saying, and what you can do to offset what they are saying.

You will be able to get insight into how we can Turn America Around by keeping voices on the air that expose lies, deceit, those who promote socialism, and those who advocate greater government control over our lives.

To be part of this mobilization, simply fill out this information below and we will keep in touch:

   Yes, I want to be part of being able to mobilize people to support freedom of the airways for FOX News and to stop the false narrative given to the advertisers and show that there is support for their products and services so they will keep advertising on FOX. 

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