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Massachusetts Distinguished Educators - 2021

Massachusetts Distinguished Educators

Talent Pool Recommendation Form
We invite you to recommend distinguished middle and secondary classroom teachers, specialists, and/or principals who have demonstrated all of the following:
  • Exceptional educational talent as evidenced by effective and innovative instructional practices and student learning results in the classroom and school;
  • Exemplary educational accomplishments and leadership beyond the classroom that provide models of excellence for the profession;
  • Individuals whose contributions to education are largely unheralded yet worthy of the spotlight;
  • Early- to mid-career educators who offer strong long-range potential for professional and policy leadership; and
  • Engaging and inspiring presence that motivates and impacts students, colleagues and the community.
Please complete a separate form for each individual and optionally a one-page letter explaining how this person meets the criteria outlined in this letter.  Please include a resume for each recommendation.

2. Please upload the educator's resume *This question is required.
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RATE educator from 1-10 (10 being highest) on the following four criteria and provide a paragraph to explain your rating.  Be detailed and thorough, with examples whenever possible. 
24. Indicate ethnicity of educator being recommended. *This question is required.
25. Please list the names, phone numbers, and emails of three professional references other than you for the educator.  We may call and talk to them.  They should know the educator currently and very well. (They should either be a current colleague, or have worked with the educator as recently as one year ago.)
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26. Please upload a one page narrative addressing how the recommended educator meets the criteria outlined above. This narrative must be written in your own words addressing the criteria above.
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